New Suede and Silver faceplates available on all amps!

COVID-19 Update. Since we are a family run business AmpGuy is able to keep business as usual and all amps are on schedule. We are open for new orders.

Coming this spring new look for JM Signature amp and new Dumble Overdrive Reverb amp!

JM Signature Amp Video



Here at Ampguy we are a boutique builder of hand wired tube guitar amps and cabinets. We build D*mble style amps.  All our amps are hand wired with the finest components and are crafted after his legendary circuits. We are among the most affordable builder of these amps. The tone from these amps rivals that from some of the finest amps. We also build and cover head, combo and speaker cabinets with Tolex/Suede. Whether you're playing at home or on a stage we will make you sound better than ever before!

We are located in downtown Toronto. We now ship worldwide!

Our Amps are built with the finest USA/CAN and EU components.

 Email or call 416 893 6396 for prices on combo/head cabs and shipping. 

Now covering all amps in Suede as well as alligator and tolex!

New Overdrive Special Combo is here ! 

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Products currently available 
  •  JM Signature Amp resembles John Mayer Signature amp
  •  JM Signature Amp available as 1 x 12 Combo w/Celestion G1265  
  • Dumble style Overdrive Special amp (head or combo)
  • 100 watt attenuator (pic above in gallery)
  • $300 deposit to start builds
  • Shipping to any part of Canada is $50 - $100 cdn. Any of the 50 US states is $100- $200 cdn. This is for any head or Combo
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Please email or or 
416 893 6396 regarding prices for amps listed above.
    We use North American transformers on all our amps!

Our JM Signature amp resembles the famous John Mayer Signature amp. This amp has 5 preamp tubes like the original. It produces the most amazing tones. It's known for being the greatest amp ever for the type of music it's used for. Comes in 20, 50 watt and 100 watts. Amp accepts 6L6/6v6 tubes. 50 watt version shown here and in video below. Completely hand wired and all tube amp. The finest components were used in the making of this amp. Transformers are all made in USA and Canada.

This amplifier is known for a rounder tone that compresses very sweetly. It can also produce a nice tight sound when dialed in properly for one of the nicest overdriven tones you have ever heard! It also takes pedals amazingly well. This amp sounds great with single coils and humbuckers; many amps do not handle both types of pickups well but this amp will.

Recent Customers: 

Paige Armstrong, Professional Guitarist, Toronto ,Ontario

"Can't get enough of the tones coming from my JM Signature amp. AmpGuy nailed it!

Amazing tones! Amp also takes pedals well and also sounds amazing on its own!"

100 watt JM Amp

Grayson, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

"The AmpGuy JM amp is responsive, incredibly sweet and plenty loud. It nails JM’s tone and produces the warmest, most honest clean tones I’ve ever heard. Guy is professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. He will make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. I’m very happy with my JM amp and have recommended Guy’s products to friends.”

20 watt JM Amp 

Adam, Hamilton, Ontario.

"The amp seems to be able to adapt to whatever I throw at it whether I’m just using the amp with no effects or using any combination of pedals, it just works.  Lastly, I bought this amp for the powerful sweet clean tones which are stunning, but I keep finding myself cranking the amp in to overdrive as it is the tightest most percussive overdrive I have heard."

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Overdrive Special Amp



Overdrive Special 50 watt 2 channel tube Amp. Features 2x 6L6 tubes. This Overdrive Special  amp bears close resemblance to the 80s style Dumble amps . This design is known for its fat and harmonically rich clean tone, and a complex, smooth overdrive tone with a nice mid range push. 
All these amps are hand wired and circuit board free. I use the finest capacitors and transformers to produce amazing tone that sounds great from bedroom level volume to blazing stage sound levels! This amp has a user adjustable bias control. This amp comes in 100 watt, 50, 20,11 watt versions.


                                                                            Terms and Conditions
Unless otherwise discussed all amps come with a 1 year parts and labor warranty from time of arrival.
What is not covered under warranty is damage caused by accident, water and subsequent damage to other components. Tubes have 3 months manufacture warranty. Schematics provided to aid local repair if needed.  
AmpGuy is a division of Gaetano Enterprise Inc.